Purchase decision

Does Advice from Devices Encourage our Vices?

  • MSI

The latest enabling technologies, such as voice-based smart assistants like Alexa and Siri, along with intelligent shopping carts, make some consumers’ purchasing decisions easier. But they can also potentially lead to harmful outcomes. In this latest MSI working paper, researchers Iman Paul, Rumela Sengupta, Samuel Bond and Satadruta Mookherjee, examined the potential pitfalls of smart device usage in a series of online experiments with paid subjects.

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Prior Information & Consumer Search: Evidence from Eye-Tracking

  • Marketing Science Institute

Consumers increasingly make purchase decisions based on online product reviews and rankings. Meanwhile, advertising is often designed to inform about a product or service’s benefits. Within both of these scenarios, consumers learn how to dovetail new understandings into what they already know about a brand, product or service. In this study, researchers looked to quantify the impact prior information (e.g. information obtained from past purchases or use) on consumer search and purchase decisions.