Navigating the Evolving Media Landscape

  • OTT 2023

The media landscape continues to evolve, arguably at a faster rate than ever. Leading media and measurement experts presented research-based insights on how viewers use different forms of TV/video on various platforms. Attendees joined us at the Warner Bros. Discovery Studios in California and via livestream to understand the latest data and discussions of the data’s implications. This content is currently available for event attendees only until 11/30/23.

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Attentive Reach: The Case for Human Attention in Brand Advertising

Realeyes uses software solutions for measuring human attentional and emotional response to advertising. Max Kalehoff explained the importance of attention measurement as a gauge of brand performance. He urged companies, particularly those with latent sales, to incorporate it into their business models.

How Segmenting by Attitudes vs. Values Can Help Predict Online Behaviors

  • Stephan Scheuffelen, Jan Kemper, & Malte Brettel

Which segment base can help marketers accurately predict online shopping behaviors? This study used data from a German online apparel retailer to create a model that showed much more differentiated click-through behaviors resulting from segmenting by fashion and online-shopping attitudes, than by value-based segmentation.

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How Marketers Use AI to Navigate the Consumer Journey

  • Jan Kietzmann, Jeannette Paschen, and Emily Treen

As the consumer journey becomes increasingly complex, many marketers are turning to artificial intelligence to decipher it. But how does it actually help them be more effective at understanding and reaching consumers at different stages? A trio of academics explained how AI is transforming advertising.  

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