Media 101 — A Guide to Buying and Selling (Event Summary)

  • Bruna Isensee, Univision

At our February Young Pros event, Meghan McGuirk, VP Group Director, Investments at Havas Media, Cristina Schlobohm, Director of Communications Strategy at Havas Media, and Kara Donahue, Account Executive at Roku, walked attendees through the media buying and selling process. They explained the five main media planning milestones: briefing, defining a strategy, tactical work, activating a campaign and reporting after it’s complete. Each speaker elaborated by using real life examples and showed the perspective and impact that all teams involved in the process have—both on the client or vendor side.

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Cheap Giveaways Are a Turnoff, Except When Personalized

  • Samuel Stäbler, Tilburg University, Netherlands

Companies use promotional giveaways – branded pens, mugs, USB sticks and more — as a way to create awareness and strengthen their brands. Yet, there’s very little empirical research on their effectiveness. A new set of studies shows that consumers react negatively, depending on the quality of the giveaway, but that personalizing the item with the person’s name can help as a targeting strategy.

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How Retargeting Drove Toyota’s Success Among Hispanic Auto Buyers

  • Mia Phillips – National Manager Multicultural & Brand Strategy, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

A lack of in-language automotive sites and online clutter posed challenges to Toyota’s need to reach likely truck buyers in the growing Hispanic community. The automaker used an innovative retargeting approach combined with an understanding of their target’s interests and special creative executions to gain traction among their target and drive success.

Shifting Promo Dollars to Media Produces Higher ROI via MediaPost

Media company Turner Broadcasting commissioned a study showing that shifting as little as 10% of promotional dollars to media advertising can result in big return on media investment results for marketers.

The study—conducted with IRI, the consumer products/healthcare marketing analytics company—noted that consumer product marketers can spend as much as 66% of marketing dollars on promotion. Shifting 10% of that money can return in return on investment (ROI) gains of 10% to 25%.

Turner/IRI research looked at three years of data, across 62 brands representing $20 billion in sales and $3 billion in marketing spend across food, beverage, health care, beauty and home-care marketers.

The research indicates that the results are more dramatic when separating short-term and long-term ROI versus overall promo spending.

Source: Turner Broadcasting and IRI

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