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How the Internet of Things Is Changing Online Marketing

Neil Patel discusses the impact of The Internet of Things (IoT) on marketing, which he feels is the next big thing in this Forbes article.

Among the implications of IoT for marketing, according to Patel:

-On-demand services are expected everywhere.

Consumers have higher expectations of convenience in the Internet age, and marketing must cater to that expectation in terms of both promise and delivery.

-Smart marketing connects social data to online devices.

Marketing should strive to make it easier for consumers to interact with their connected devices and to enhance social interactions between devices and their owners.

-The Internet of Things means that big marketing data is getting even bigger.

Patel suggests that useful and surprising marketing data about consumer preferences and habits could invigorate marketing.

-Smart marketing deploys specific solutions to thing-related problems.

IoT will enable a greater degree of target marketing in terms of both demographics and psychographics.  Additionally, IoT will allow marketers to predict and deliver solutions based on consumer needs.

-Nothing is unmarketable.

IoT will also enable marketers to reach deeper into the lives of consumers to offer them products, services, and solutions.

Patel also refers to surveys of marketers who believe that the marketing impact of IoT will exceed the significance of big data, mobile marketing, and personalized transactions.

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