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FTC Says: Stop Misleading Data Claims

“Companies that make false claims about anonymization can expect to hear from the FTC,” wrote Kristin Cohen, an Acting Associate Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) privacy and identity division, in a recent blog post.

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Social Media Has the Potential to Influence Undecided Voters


How do information sources shape voters’ political views in our increasingly polarized society? New research compares the effects of mainstream media and social media on U.S. consumers who vote Democrat, Republican or identify as undecided. The findings point to the powerful potential influences of social media, especially on undecided voters, such as in determining the outcome of presidential elections. The study also suggests political marketing strategies to influence potential voters.

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Earth Day at 52

Born to combat pollution, environmentalism’s annual observance is poised to inspire more than ever—if governments, the public and brands can figure out what it means now. Read more »