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Can Multiple New-Product Messages Attract Different Consumer Segments?  Gaming Advertisements’ Interaction with Targets Affects Brand Attitudes and Purchase Intentions

This article, from the September 2015 issue of the Journal of Advertising Research, analyzes the challenge of launching marketing messages when advertisers want to address two different customer segments for one product offering, where one of the segments is a primary target, and the other is a secondary target.  Frank Alpert, University of Queensland, and M. Kim Saxton, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, provide insights on whether video-game marketers should leverage different messages for different target segments for the same product.  Their research addressed these questions in the context of print advertisements.

Among their conclusions:

-Two consumer segments can be targeted with the same product as long as advertisements are created to target each segment.

-Advertisements should be released for the primary target first. Then, a complementary advertisement can be launched to attract the secondary segment while reinforcing why the primary target should be interested.

-There is negative backlash when one segment sees its dedicated advertisement, followed by an advertisement for the other segment.

-Yet, perceptions of the product are enhanced if the segment sees the two advertisements as interacting to provide more information.

-Further, this enhancement happened not only from internal processes but also because the advertisements interacted.

The authors provide additional information on their research hypotheses, methodology, results and conclusions, as well as the implications for marketers.


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New Product Launch Plans Impacted by Social Media

Joan Schneider, CEO of Schneider Associates, discusses the impact that social media has had on the launch of new products, services, businesses, and communities in a Harvard Business Review article.

Based on research published by Schneider Associates, the 2014 Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey, the media plan for a new product launch must carefully consider the target market.  Each generation has a unique media profile.

In general, consumers now seek information from six or more sources before purchasing a new product.  According to the Schneider survey, TV commercials are the most used source for new product launches, followed by Facebook.

Schneider provides ten tips for brand and marketing managers:

-Use social media as a supporting character, not the star performer.

-Use social media to leverage and support an in-person launch event.

-Use social media to build or capitalize on a consumer’s emotional connection to a brand.

-Use social media to support a launch by knowing the target demographic and their social media


-Use social media to host contests that foster loyalty and reward brand.

-Use a blogger outreach strategy to help launch the product.

-Use a hashtag to create, ignite, and track the conversation on social media.

-Use visual social media to give people an inside look at a B2B company.

-Use social media to let consumers create the new product.

-To maximize effectiveness of a social media campaign, always stay ahead of “the next big thing.”


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