muted autoplaying video ads

The Potential of Silent Videos

Sean Miller, writing for ClickZ, discusses constraints and opportunities relating to muted autoplaying video ads.

Consumer desire to control the content to which they are exposed, has resulted in marketers introducing video ads that require viewers to click or tap for sound.

Introduction of these muted autoplaying video ads requires compelling visuals to encourage user interaction with the video. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Instagram have established a high measurement standard: if a user scrolls past the video within the first three seconds it does not count as a video view.

Among the suggestions to encourage consumers to opt-in to the sound components of video ads:

-Express the visual essence of the brand idea.

-Use visual humor.

-Keep the three-second rule in mind.

Encouraging consumers to activate the sound of the video, and rewarding them for sticking around to watch and listen to the video will result in higher brand engagement.


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