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MMA Issues Guidance Report on Mobile Native Advertising

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) released a “Guidance Report on Mobile Native Advertising.”  According to MMA’s press release, the report includes best practices and highlights the unique power of mobile native advertising. In fact, when optimized for frequency of exposure, mobile native advertising performed as much as 10 times better compared to mobile display advertising at a similar frequency. 

Referring to the research of the MMA’s Mobile Native Advertising Committee, the organization’s Chief Strategy Officer Sheryl Daija stated, “As a result of these learnings and the insights from SMoX, we know there is greater attentiveness to the content, creating a need for different rules and best practices to maximize the performance of mobile native advertising.”

The report provides guidance in the form of specific actionable steps for both marketers and publishers. In addition, the press release provides a link to download the full report.


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