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The Metrics of Mobile App Success

In a recent blog Verto Analytics, Inc. points out that the number of downloads is a widely used metric for mobile apps.  However, Verto feels that the focus should be on what happens after the download:

-How many consumers keep using the app?

-How much time is spent using the app on average?

Facebook’s flagship app is the leader in terms of achieving mobile user reach, as well as the highest user engagement.

Mobile app reach and engagement are only partially related and dependent on each other as the key high-level metrics.  According to a Verto analysis, the top apps by reach is different from the top apps by time spent per user.  Facebook Messenger is the leader in terms of user reach in the U.S.; however, WhatsApp Messenger is more successful in terms of engaging its small number of users as measured by average time spent per user for each app.

Other considerations when evaluating reach are whether the app has international users and whether it is a paid or unpaid service.

The role and importance of apps will continue to grow as consumer become increasingly dependent on mobile devices.  Thus, metrics will remain top of mind for advertisers and their agencies.

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