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Is marketing’s ‘cauldron of innovation and chaos’ a ladder to success? via The Drum (source: IAB Mixx)

Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the IAB, described the market as “a cauldron of innovation and chaos.” Below are comments on the wave of change from four leaders in our industry:

Lars Bastholm, global chief creative officer at Google: “…marketers have an obligation to create things consumers find useful, usable and delightful – but to not bombard them with messaging or we’ll end up with a truly crazed reality. He also advised marketers to put away their business strategy books and start reading science fiction as writers of the latter are dreaming up the innovations engineers will read about and eventually build.”

Andrew Bosworth, VP of ads & business platform at Facebook: “…brands not to be bound by their identities today, but to rather see opportunity in change and glory in crisis.”

Bryan Wiener, executive chairman of 360i: “Consumer behavior will change. Platforms will rise and fall. I don’t think anyone is smart enough to understand what [platform will dominate] in six years. Marketing capabilities will emerge out of nowhere.”

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