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How Mobile is Changing the Role of Marketing Research via The American Marketing Association (source: David Krajicek, chief commercial officer of GfK Consumer Experiences)

We need to harness the transformative power of mobile devices in daily life for research. Our smartphones have become personalized extensions of ourselves, and this creates an opportunity for learning. Specifically, by combining passive and survey data, we can provide a rounded picture of consumers that tells not just what they do, but why.

Key Takeaways:

  • What? With its GPS capabilities and always-present status, the mobile phone can help marketers research people at the moment discovery.
  • So what? The biggest mobile “miss” is to treat mobile as just another platform, ignoring its inherent intimacy, immediacy, and versatility.
  • Now what? By combining passive and survey data, we can provide a rounded picture of consumers that tells not just what they do, but why.

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Editor’s Note: this paper presents ten predictions altogether; below are five, the rest are available via the link. Audience Measurement in the Data Age (source: Andrew Green, Ipsos)

These predictions are informed by our ongoing conversations with audience measurement stakeholders and users around the world. We see both continuity and change ahead.

Panels will remain paramount. Video content producers and distributors need visibility into where their audiences are coming from and how they behave across devices and services. A high quality panel brings diverse streams of TV Big Data together and helps to make sense of it.

Mixed methods will mature. Single source methods can no longer capture the totality of audience behaviour. Cross-platform audience fragmentation demands a hybrid measurement approach, which is being trialed in several countries. More countries will move in this direction.

Data partnerships will develop. We cannot collect all the data we need from a single source. Audience measurement data will increasingly be integrated with other relevant data sets.

Maths Men will multiply. The power of modelling, ascription and data integration has been proven. As hybrid methods increase in popularity, the importance of employing sound statistical techniques will expand exponentially.

New cross-platform metrics will emerge. Every medium has its own definition of ‘exposure’. Advertisers still need cross-media, as well as cross-platform insight. A cross-platform, multi-media ‘Time Spent’ metric will compete for attention.

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Become The Outlier: How to Stand Out in Your Research Career

San Francisco Young Pros – Join your fellow West Coast ARF Young Pros for our Spring “Learn” event on how to advance your research career.  The night will start with LinkedIn experts sharing best practices on how to communicate your experience and accomplishments online, and we’ll end with a panel of research managers providing insights on how to accelerate your career and get your next promotion.

When: Wednesday, May 11th, 6:00-8:00pm PDT

6:00-6:30pm – Check-in, Drinks, Snacks, & Networking
6:30-7:00pm – LinkedIn Best Practices
7:00-7:30pm – Research Manager Panel and Q&A
7:30-8:00pm – Networking

Where: Geekdom SF, 620 Folsom Street, Suite 100, San Francisco, CA

This event is free for ARF Young Pros, but you must be registered to attend.

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