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Original Research — -“Yes, Advertising Works” – CBS, Meredith, Nielsen Catalina, Yahoo, Sequent Partners

Advertisers want to invest their media dollars where they will drive the highest returns. Over the past ten years, Nielsen Catalina Solutions has delivered over 2,200 consumer package goods Sales Effect studies. The goal of this research is to determine the incremental in-store sales lifts driven by advertising, as well as to understand the key drivers of the campaign so that the advertising can be improved over time.

Among the issues that will be discussed are:

  • Can you create a true “average” for the ROAS (return on advertising spend) or should we only provide guidance?
  • How do we make choices as to “what’s in or out” in order to have a fair comparison?

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Previews of four original research papers to be presented at the Audience Measurement Conference and an article of interest.

“Reach versus Frequency” – Facebook and Frito-Lay

We conducted a meta-analysis of Datalogix ROI studies to better understand the impact of reach-based planning and optimal frequencies on in-store sales.

Various media buying principles were evaluated, including   the impact of reach-based planning, optimal frequency and campaign length in relation to sales lift.

We will present results which provided clear guidance and best-practices for media buying across the Frito-Lay portfolio including reach sufficiency levels, optimal frequency and creative guidelines for a mobile environment.

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