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NYCU: Much Ado About TikTok

The popular TikTok app is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese multinational internet technology company. Three articles address the recent controversies about a possible ban.

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Welcome to the Gen Z Challenge via AdAge (source: Joline McGoldrick, Director of Research at Millward Brown Digital)

Gen Z, born between 1997 and 2011, is now coming of age in large numbers, and marketers can’t afford to take as long to come to grips with Gen Z as they did with Millennials.

The first cohorts of this new generation, who are now 16 to 19 years old, are increasingly relevant to a wide variety of categories and products. Globally, they are huge too: around 2 billion of the world’s citizens—approximately 27% of the global population—belong to Gen Z.

The danger for marketers is that Gen Z is not “millennial-lite” or “millennial-extra-strong”, but different in distinct ways. Gen Z not only challenges how brands communicate, they challenge the very notion of a brand’s authenticity and transparency in digital.

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Gen Z-The Next Target of Marketers

Gen Z, the generation of teens following Millennials are the next target of marketers, according to Ashley Rodriguez, writing for Advertising Age.

Members of Gen Z have their own unique set of characteristics:

-Practical and value conscious.

-Seek best quality at the right price.

-Value experiences.

-Risk takers who thrive on discovering something new and different.

-Creative and entrepreneurial.

-Want to be unique and not blend in.

-Consider technology as a given since they were raised with it.

-Utilize the vast amount of available information.

-They’re loyal once they find a brand, product or service that they like.

-Have great potential as brand ambassadors.

-Use social media to instantly share both good and bad experiences with a brand.

-Focus on a rental, rather than ownership model, such as cars and formal dresses.

-Drawn to nostalgia.

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