Majority of European Video Buyers Use Programmatic, AOL Report Finds

According to AOL’s “2015 European State of Video Industry” report, 98% of video buyers surveyed in European markets buy digital video programmatically. On the sell side, 97% of those surveyed are selling digital video programmatically instead of using traditional models.

AOL, working with Advertiser Perceptions, collected quantitative data on digital video from 411 brands, agencies and publishers in the U.K., France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Among the findings of this report:

-Mobile video is the “most robust growth area” in digital media, with 42% of buyers surveyed reporting a rise in mobile digital video budgets last year.

-42% of advertisers surveyed said they buy digital video directly from publishers.

-48% of advertisers said they’d brought programmatic video-buying capabilities in-house, and 47% said they planned to do so in the next year.

This report included the varying concerns of buyers and sellers concerning programmatic digital video.

Buyers: Need to integrate into existing process and systems and an inability to access premium inventory at scale.

Publishers: Perceived risk of the commoditization of content, a lack of existing process and systems, and a lack of expertise.

Both buyers and sellers surveyed cited viewability issues and fraud scores as important when measuring campaign performance.

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