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“Five Steps to Measuring Your Social Media ROI” and “Shoppers Take to In-store Video Ads”

From Ad Age – “Five Steps to Measuring Your Social Media ROI”

Numerous surveys among marketers have revealed that demonstrating social media ROI has been a challenge.

Metrics can vary, e.g. fans, followers, retweets, shares, traffic, referrals.

The author offers five steps to better measure the effectiveness of social media efforts:

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From VentureBeat – “Shoppers Take to In-store Video Ads

Research into Digital OOH has been expanding. Eye-tracking software and scanning technology now make it possible for marketers to see what kinds of ads people are watching and which parts of the screen they view.

Millward Brown conducted a study last month, among the notable findings:

Checkout lines are the most hated part of shopping.

Most customers are interested in watching screens.

Nearly half of customers are more likely to shop at stores with screens.

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