digital attribution models


ORIGINAL RESEARCH AND MORE This week we are previewing five original research presentations. More in-depth information, including key findings, will be showcased at the Audience Measurement Conference. Also included are a trio of visuals.

“Which Digital Attribution Model Works Best?“ – Neustar Marketshare
Mis-attributing can lead to enormous amounts of wasted ad investment. But the key issue is – which digital attribution methods are the most accurate?

To answer this, we created a computerized simulation of a full year’s worth of advertising for over 300 million simulated individuals generating 2 terabytes of data. The study evaluated 4 digital attribution methodologies: first click, last click, matched pairs, and discrete choice models.

Our aim was to create a population in which it was clear how advertising influenced purchase decisions — and then to run various attribution approaches to see how well these actually measured the real influence of ads.