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Cross-Device Targeting High in Demand, but Still Underdeveloped

This eMarketer article analyzes the issues faced by marketers when targeting consumers across devices. While both buyers and sellers seek to reach audiences across all screens, achieving this goal is challenging.

According to Pete LaFond, Vice President of TruSignal, “There’s a lot of conversation around whether or not we are going to get to a single identifier that’s going to be the holy grail of connecting a person across all devices and channels.” LaFond also stated, “I don’t think we’re necessarily any closer to having a unique identifier.”

The lack of such an identifier not only creates difficulties for buyers to scale campaigns in a broader, publisher-agnostic manner, but also represents a significant problem for the measurement of cross-device campaigns.

Only 6% of marketers worldwide reported an adequate single view of customers or prospects across all devices and touchpoints, according to a March 2015 survey conducted by Signal, a cross-channel marketing firm.

According to this eMarketer article, the only de facto methods for bridging cross-device identities continue to be deterministic and probabilistic.

Many marketers and publishers now see first-party data as the key to cracking cross-device targeting.  As a result, they are investing more substantially in tools like data management platforms (DMPs). The use of first-party data is also placing an intense premium on ownership and use of that data, which has buyers beginning to question how and where cross-device providers are using these assets.  In addition, there are increased concerns about consumer privacy.

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