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How to Effectively Connect With Consumers in Their “Content Cocoons”

Pat LaPointe, Executive Vice President at Resonate and ARF Board member, analyzes the challenges faced by marketers trying to connect with digital consumers in this Advertising Age article.

Many digital marketing campaigns are based upon the premise that consumers like personalized ads, and that such personalized ads make marketing and advertising more relevant.  However, consumers are suspicious of these ads, consider their offers to be false, not relevant, or intrusive.

As a result, consumers create their own “content cocoons,” in which they search for information, engage in social media or watch videos.  However, each online interaction provides data for marketers, and represents an opportunity to become part of the curated web of consumers.

The author advises marketers that to be relevant in this digital world, they need to demonstrate an understanding the of the mindset and motivations of consumers. LaPointe recommends, “marrying observed behavioral data to surveys and consumer-initiated dialogue to shape highly curated marketing experiences to blend into the content cocoon consumers have curated for themselves online.”

By building insightful profiles and understanding consumer motivation, marketers will be able to provide relevant, curated content, and relevant messaging.

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