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A New Trend in Streaming

Based on his latest analyses of Nielsen’s data, Brian Fuhrer’s presentation focused on a new trend in viewer behavior, STRIVE: Streaming Live or Linear Streaming through an app. Fuhrer is SVP, Product Strategy & Thought Leadership at Nielsen. Read more »

Does Alexa Make Humans More Humane?

  • MSI

Do digital voice assistants make website navigation easier? Not necessarily, according to this MSI working paper. Researchers found that a sense of “social presence” created by such assistants can evoke social norms. And so, these devices can in fact predispose consumers to more prosocial behavior, such as donating to important causes and tipping.

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NYCU: Measurement Needs for the New Streaming Landscape

This panel discussed three measurement issues that have emerged since last year. Note that 2020's OTT conference featured the exact same panel.    The panel: Lisa Heimann – EVP, Analytics, Insights & Measurement, NBCUniversal; Colleen Fahey Rush – EVP, Chief Research Officer, ViacomCBS; Liz Huszarik – EVP, Chief Research Officer, WarnerMedia; Maggie Zhang, Ph.D. -- Head of Measurement Success, Amazon Ads; Julie DeTraglia – Head of Research, Insights and Analytics, Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution.  Moderator: Jane Clarke – CEO, Managing Director, CIMM.  

  • State of Measurement. The panelists agreed that progress has been made and that many good data sources – including multiple currencies – are available. However, the different data sets are not well connected and that prevents a truly holistic view of consumers’ media behaviors and of the total market. Also, it was pointed out that different data sets serve different business purposes, such the need for data to license content or internal data for an ad business.
  • Measuring the Value of Content. Once again, there was agreement: content providers need both content and ad measurement. Not only do most providers offer their content with and without advertising, but advertisers care about content – they want their ads in engaging premium content. Still, there has been a big shift in the relative importance of the measures: understanding the value of content is now of great importance as content buying and selling are major factors in the business of media companies.
  • Measurement in 2022. Moderator Jane Clarke asked the panelists to speculate which issues would dominate the discussion if they reconvened next year. Panelists expressed hope that their current optimism regarding measurement progress would turn out to be justified. Specifically, that there would be more comparable cross-channel data, customization and innovation that provides a better understanding of changes in consumer behavior. What’s more, they hoped for more transparency and that vendors would work together to achieve these goals.

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