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TV’s Average Minute Audience: Here to Stay?

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From Ed Papazian (Media Dynamics Inc.): I believe that we are kidding ourselves in thinking that we can measure average minute viewing—as opposed to set usage—of either program content or commercials with the people-meter.
The basic assumption underlying the people-meter system is that once a person claims to be “watching” a TV show—invariably at the outset of the tune in—that this remains in force for every second afterwards—unless the “viewer” indicates otherwise.

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Original Research — “Family Co-Viewing & Ad Impact in a Multiscreen World” – Turner, OmnicomMediaGroup, Nielsen Neuroscience

How has the introduction of multiple screens impacted co-viewing between parents and their children?

The three companies partnered to identify opportunities for engagement in co-viewing households, as well as best practices to engage with advertising when second screen devices are available.

Among the elements the research addressed were:

  • How is engagement affected by interaction with the second screen vs. first screen only?
  • How does the second screen impact commercial viewing?
  • Are there differences in engagement levels when using different multiple screens?
  • What conversations occur between a child and an adult concerning the programming and advertising content they are co-viewing?

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