Four Burning Issues on the Minds of CMOs source: AdAge

Everyone acknowledged the same conclusions — that not even the smartest CMOs have all of the answers, and that even if you do believe you have it all figured out, tomorrow everything changes. So you have to stay one step ahead of the changes by keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s next in communications, data, technology and talent.

Four of the topics that were priorities for the CMO’s.

  • Content vs. advertising. The optics of advertising have morphed to a degree where it is now often difficult to determine which is earned and which is paid.
  • Data, data data. Some of the marketers around the table have immersed themselves and their companies in a data ecosystem that informs most of their decisions. Gut decision-making is largely gone for these CMOs.
  • There remains a growing thirst for bigger ideas, executed in a more timely manner, that are easily digested.
  • The tools continue to change, and there was some offline exchange about which measurement tools were the most effective, but no consensus.


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