Why Marketers Should Keep Centennials in Mind

Nearly a quarter of the population consists of Centennials, who are between 13 and 18 years of age and who were born around the turn of the century. This consumer segment will represent 40% of the population by 2020, according to this article in Direct Marketing News by Andrew Corselli.

Centennials, also known as Generation Z, have always lived in a technology-connected world and have an estimated average attention span of eight seconds, according to the author.

Corselli presents new research from PowerReviews which shows that it will be important to focus on engagement when marketing to this generation.  Important characteristics of centennials include being resourceful and practical when spending money and valuing online reviews more than brand name, price or free shipping.

PowerReviews also provides tips for marketing to Centennials:

-Emphasize quality and differentiation of products and services.

-Engage with shoppers online early in the purchase cycle.

-Strengthen your online presence, including a mobile-friendly website.

-Start real conversations.  A consumer’s online review provides an opportunity for a brand to engage with that consumer.

Centennials represent a large segment of consumers with long-term revenue potential for marketers.

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