brands shifting to digital

Are Brands Shifting Too Much To Digital From TV?

How Do Tweets During Primetime TV Programming Impact Brand Sponsors?

The authors of this Journal of Advertising Research article believe that their research is the first to explore the value, rather than the volume, of the “earned audience” on the Twitter platform. TAGS: Twitter, earned social impressions.  Source: http://journalofadvertisingresearch.com/content/54/4/448

Do Online Video Platforms Cannibalize Television?

The time consumers spend online to watch user-generated videos and on video-sharing sites reduces the time spent watching television according to this Journal of Advertising Research study. TAGS: online video, television viewing, media habits.   Source: http://journalofadvertisingresearch.com/content/53/1/71

Metric Reveals the Impact of Television Commercials on Internet Search Queries

This Journal of Advertising Research article introduces a new metric-a measure of changes in Google search queries-that reveals how TV commercials or sponsorships can trigger Internet searches by consumers.  The value of this metric is that it measures an actual behavioral advertising response. TAGS: Internet search queries, TV commercials.  Source:http://journalofadvertisingresearch.com/content/50/2/162

Does Intrusiveness Impact the Effectiveness of Online-Video Ads?

The study discussed in this Journal of Advertising Research article examined the impact of advertising characteristics, such as length, humor, and “informativeness” on the perceived ad intrusiveness of online-video advertisements.TAGS: online video ads, intrusiveness.  Source:http://journalofadvertisingresearch.com/content/55/1/37

Should I Advertise During the 1st Half of the Super Bowl?

This study analyzed the collective impact of repetition and position on advertising effectiveness. Recognition and likeability of advertisements that were broadcast at different times during the Super Bowl were examined in this Journal of Advertising Research article. TAGS: Super Bowl, repetition, ad position, commercials. Source:http://journalofadvertisingresearch.com/content/52/1/87