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What Makes a Television Commercial Sell? – Using Biometrics to Identify Successful Ads via JAR

This study demonstrates the potential of certain neurological measures—in particular, biometrics—to identify television advertisements that successfully lead to sales. The researchers, who represent academia and industry, used direct measures of what they believe matters most to marketers: in-market sales response (from single-source data).

Key Takeaways:

  • Biometrics have the potential to help advertisers understand how sales-successful advertisements work, yet there is no silver-bullet measure to gauge effectiveness
  • The ultimate goal of brand advertisements is to sell; therefore, testing tools must be validated against sales or other relevant behavioral measures
  • Advertisers should establish in advance the desired audience response from any advertisement (e.g. laughter or attention to the brand) and use evidence-supported measures and analysis to ensure the desired response is achieved
  • Key biometrics and objective coding seem useful under defined conditions, whereas traditional survey measures offer no additional value

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“The Neuroscience Behind Creating Better Creative”- CBS/CBS Vision, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience

The evolution of market research technology over the last decade mirrors our scientific understanding of the brain and decision making that clearly concludes a large portion of brain processing occurs below our conscious awareness. The business results and impact will be of major importance in advancing the field of creative evaluation.

Among the questions this study was designed to answer:

– To what degree do neuroscience-based measures of advertising creative predict in-store sales response as gauged by single source data?

– Which neuro measures most strongly predict higher in-market sales response? 

–  What is the importance of creative evaluation in understanding in-market results?

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