2016 communications trends

RIP Millennials: Marketing Will Be ‘Age Agnostic’ Next Year-Hotwire PR Study Finds Companies Will Target On Passion, Not Numbers

According to the study, “Communications Trends Report,” released by Hotwire PR, marketing and communications professionals will focus on reaching millennials based on their passions rather than as a single demographic group. Brands will seek to engage consumers with age-agnostic content that emphasizes values.  This Advertising Age article by Lindsay Stein analyzes other findings from this study.

Additional trends from the Hotwire PR study include:

-The advertising industry is not prepared for mobile ad blocking, especially since Apple enabled apps that stop ads from popping up on smartphones and iPads through its iOS 9 operating system.

-The rise of virtual reality.

-The most successful campaigns in 2016 will offer relevant and useful services.

-Values will continue to be at the center of the communication strategies of many brands.

-Expanded use of hyper-targeted content will result in specific messages for each consumer subset within an audience.

This article discusses additional key marketing and communications trends for 2016.

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