Magazine Supplement

A special printed section of a magazine devoted to a particular topic that is inserted within the publication, typically containing a mix of editorial content and ads, but occasionally consisting entirely of one or the other.

Marketing Research Objective

A goal statement defining the business question to be answered and/or specific information needed to provide insight to the marketing research problem. See “Marketing Research Problem.”

Marketing Research Problem

A statement specifying the business challenge to be solved with the help of insights from market research (see “Market Research”).


In newspapers or magazines, the camera-ready, final layout of all elements of an ad, a pasteup of the typeset text and images on a sheet of paperboard on which directions for a printer may be written. Used for ads and artwork that are not produced on a computer.

Memory Activation

The activity of the neural circuits related to memory (see “Memory”) processes in the brain. Memory activation includes both the formation and retrieval of memories and involves multiple brain areas from the cortex and subcortex. In advertising and marketing, memory activation can reflect message engagement and increase the probability that the ad or other marketing communication has had an impact on brand perceptions and desirability.