Magazine Supplement

A special printed section of a magazine devoted to a particular topic that is inserted within the publication, typically containing a mix of editorial content and ads, but occasionally consisting entirely of one or the other.

Market Research

The systematic process of gathering, recording, measuring and analyzing information, about consumers’ needs, preferences, attitudes or behavior regarding a product, service, brand or advertisement.

Market Research Online Community (MROC)

A panel of individuals who agree to be contacted repeatedly for their feedback and insight on a range of topics, typically in association with their use of a particular product or products from a specific manufacturer. Feedback may take the form of online discussion groups or online surveys, depending on the category.

Marketing Campaign

A planned set of activities designed to disseminate marketing messages for a brand, product or service through paid, earned and owned media.

Marketing Concept

The underlying theme of or strategy behind, the message of a marketing campaign.

Marketing Mix

A general term referring to all elements under the control of the marketing function at a company, such as the product, price, distribution, promotion, packaging, media plan and overall marketing strategy. These components are sometimes referred to as “marketing levers.”

Marketing Plan

A blueprint for carrying out a marketing campaign. A detailed set of directives for the actions to be taken — the media to buy, the activities to generate earned media, and the adjustments to make in owned media — to accomplish a marketing objective for a brand.

Marketing Research Objective

A goal statement defining the business question to be answered and/or specific information needed to provide insight into the marketing research problem.

Marketing Research Problem

A statement specifying the business challenge to be solved with the help of insights from market research.

Marketing Science

The application of the scientific method to marketing, for example through hypothesis testing, statistical analysis and research replication. The objective is to provide valid and reliable scientific learning on how marketing works.

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