Image, Aspirational (creative genre)

A type of advertising genre that features characters and lifestyles that are generally desirable or enviable to consumers. In this type of genre, the desire or envy that people feel for the featured characters and lifestyles is meant to “rub off” onto the associated brand, product, or service.

In-Game Ad

Ads embedded into a video game to promote a brand, product or service. In-Game advertising differs from advergaming, which refers specifically to a game design to advertise a brand, product or service.

Inductive Research

A form of media and market research that involves gathering data on a topic of interest and looking for patterns within the data set to found the development of a new theory. See also “Deductive Research.”

Informed Consent

In media and market research, the process by which a participant learns about and understand the purpose, benefits and potential risks of participating in a market research study, and then agree to participate with full knowledge of possible risks and benefits.


Ad or other promotional material that is either bound into a magazine or newspaper or placed loosely within it.


In media and market research, the exchange of information between an interviewer (see “Interviewer”) and research participant(s), where the interviewer asks the participants one or more questions and records the answer. An interview can be conducted in several ways, including face-to-face (see “Interview, Face-to-Face”), on the phone (see “Interview, Telephone”), online (see “Interview, Online”) or artificial intelligence (see “Artificial Intelligence (AI)”) enabled technology.

Interview, Central Location

A type of interview that is conducted face-to-face in one or more specified locations (for example, at a shopping mall or research facility) rather than at study participants’ homes (see “Interview, In-home”).