Gallows (creative genre)

An approach to advertising creative that deploys dark or black comedy to generate attention to a brand or product. The dark humor often takes on a taboo subject or exaggerates a common topic to an absurd extreme.

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)

A measurement of the electrical property of human skin, typically interpreted as an indicator of arousal. Changes in response may occur when people are exposed to stimuli that are novel, highly relevant, high in information content, or rich in sexual or emotional associations (see “Emotions”). Also referred to as “Skin Conductance Response” or “EDA/Electrodermal Activity.” (See also “Biometrics)”

Gaze Mapping

A method used in eye tracking analysis that aggregates the visual attention of multiple participants, to show the general order of focal eye movement from one area of interest to another.

Green (Blue) Screen

A backdrop of a single color in filming an ad (or content) in order to make it easier to add backgrounds, characters or other images.

Group Effect

A type of bias that occurs when participants in a group setting, such as a focus group, adapt or change their opinion or response to agree with the consensus of the group. For example, people sometimes change their responses to match or align with the majority opinion of the group, instead of expressing their own opinion.  (See “Groupthink”).


A type of cognitive bias (see “Bias, Cognitive”) that refers to a specific phenomenon that can occur in a group setting (see “Group Effect”) whereby the desire for group cohesion results in a failure of members to think independently and evaluate information objectively, ultimately leading to errors in decision-making. Groupthink has relevance for any media and market research that makes use of groups, such as focus groups.

GRP (Gross Rating Point)

A measure of the total number of impressions delivered in an advertising campaign.  It is calculated as follows: Average Reach × Average frequency *100.

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