Call to Action

In advertising and marketing, the part of an ad that explicitly encourages the audience to take a specific step desired by the advertiser (for example, click on a link, apply for a credit card, etc.).

Campaign Integration

The planning and execution of a strategy for an advertising campaign in which different campaign elements are designed and scheduled to reinforce one another. For example, a campaign integration occurs when a paid search campaign is designed to coordinate with other marketing initiatives, online, offline or both, with consistent messaging and images to drive offline conversions and support brand awareness.

Campaignable Idea

An advertising idea that has potential for application across a myriad of platforms and applications e.g. digital, TV, promotional, POS and more. Often referred to colloquially as a “big idea” and or an idea that “has legs,” meaning it can go a lot of places. Hence it is compelling enough to be used in multiple advertising executions and across platforms, to build a memorable story or message for a brand, product or service. (See “Big Idea).”


The words or phrases below an image or imagery that explains or accompanies what is visible. It sometimes also includes sourcing.

Category Usage

A measure that provides information related to consumer use within a particular product or service category. Media and market research studies often differentiate between a category user and non-user.

CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview)

Telephone interviews that use computer-based electronic questionnaires (rather than paper & pencil) to read and capture responses. [See also “Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing” (CAPI)].

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