Call to Action

In advertising and marketing, the part of an ad that explicitly encourages the audience to take a specific step desired by the advertiser (for example, click on a link, apply for a credit card, etc.).

Category Usage

A measure that provides information related to consumer use within a particular product or service category. Media and market research studies often differentiate between a category user and non-user.

Celebrity Endorsement (creative genre)

A type of advertising genre or executional component that is characterized by a celebrity or other famous figure using their fame or social status to promote a brand or product. See “Celebrity Branding.”

Choice Heuristic

A type of cognitive heuristic (see “Cognitive Heuristic”) Mental shortcuts or rules of thumb that consumers use to simplify the decision making process. For example, “always buy the cheapest brand” is choice heuristic.

Choice Modeling

A multivariate statistical technique that attempts to model, explain and predict the decision process of a research participant, and is used to simulate real-world consumer behavior. This technique often uses discrete choices (for example, Brand A over Brand B; Brand B over Brand C) to infer position of alternatives.


In advertising and marketing, the number of copies of a magazine, newspaper or other print media (see “Print Media”) that are distributed in a particular market or in total. Can also refer to the number of cars that pass a billboard advertisement (see “Outdoor Advertising” or “Billboard Advertising”).


See “Advertising Claim.”