Audio Mix

The combination of multiple sounds into a coherent score for an audio or video ad through manipulation or enhancement of the sources’ volume levels, frequency, reverbation, echo and other sound elements.

Billboard Advertising

Printed ads displayed on signs along roads, on the sides of buildings or in other public places.

Bleed ad

Ads in printed media that extend beyond the normal margin of a page to the edge of the page, usually sold for a premium price.

Blue (Green) Screen

A backdrop of a single color in filming an ad (or content) in order to make it easier to subsequently add backgrounds, characters or other images.


A preliminary or early representation of a video ad that is comprised of a sequence of still frames, often arranged with some motion or panning, to determine effectiveness (see “Advertising Effectiveness”) before fully producing. Also referred to as “Still-o-matic” or “Photomatic.”

Body Text

The words that comprise the main part of a printed ad, excluding headings, captions and footnotes.


Pair of related video or audio ads placed at both the beginning and the end of a commercial pod, in order to gain the viewer’s/listener’s attention and interest.

Brand Fit

In advertising and marketing, the suitability or consistency of an advertising element (such as a campaign, creative, idea or concept) or other entity (for example, a partner brand or brand venue) with the brand essence (see “Brand Essence”). See also “Brand Image.”

Brand Identity

In advertising and marketing, the collection of creative and other brand related elements (for example, colors, typography and symbols) that a company uses to portray an image of that brand to consumer.

Brand Messaging

In advertising and marketing, the communication of specific ideas, claims, values or propositions to consumers, either implicitly or explicitly. See also “Brand Proposition.”