A notice or announcement promoting a given brand, product, service or message in a public medium, typically with the objective to deliver information, enhance a brand’s reputation and/or to persuade people to buy. These can exist in various formats depending on the platform in which they live.

Ad Compression

In advertising and marketing, the process of developing a shorter form ad through the “cut down” of a longer form ad, with the goal of maximizing impact and effectiveness of the shorter form ad while taking advantage of media savings often seen from the purchase of shorter form ad slots. Additionally, companies are using this process to address the rise in popularity of digital and mobile advertising.

Ad Prototype

An early stage of an ad (see “Ad”). This could refer to multiple ad formats, including an animatic (see “Animatic”) for video, pre-press proof (see “Pre-Press Proof”) for print or an early stage design of a digital ad.

Advertising Genre

Within advertising, a category of creative composition, characterized by similarities in style or form.


An ad in a print or electronic communication that resembles an article or editorial while providing information about a brand, product or service.

Advocacy Advertising

Advertising that attempts to influence public opinion on specific social, political or economic (and sometimes controversial) topics. It may also include attempts by the brand to create consumer advocates to promote sales.


Illustrated images that move within video.

Anthropomorphic (creative genre)

A type of executional component used in advertising that ascribes human attributes or form to any material object (for example, an animal, plant or brand-related asset) to draw attention to a brand, product or service.


An inherent characteristic of a product, brand or service which can refer to a physical characteristic or public perception of a product’s, brand’s or service’s characteristics or qualities.

Audio Arrangement

The mix of instruments and sounds, and the volume and timing of their use in the music for an audio or video ad.