Creative Executional Components

Ad Prototype

An early stage of an ad (see “Ad”). This could refer to multiple ad formats, including an animatic (see “Animatic”) for video, pre-press proof (see “Pre-Press Proof”) for print or an early stage design of a digital ad.


Illustrated images that move within video.

Anthropomorphic (creative genre)

A type of executional component used in advertising that ascribes human attributes or form to any material object (for example, an animal, plant or brand-related asset) to draw attention to a brand, product or service.

Audio Arrangement

The mix of instruments and sounds, and the volume and timing of their use in the music for an audio or video ad.

Audio Mix

The combination of multiple sounds into a coherent score for an audio or video ad through manipulation or enhancement of the sources’ volume levels, frequency, reverbation, echo and other sound elements.

Blue (Green) Screen

A backdrop of a single color in filming an ad (or content) in order to make it easier to subsequently add backgrounds, characters or other images.

Body Text

The words that comprise the main part of a printed ad, excluding headings, captions and footnotes.

Celebrity Endorsement (creative genre)

A type of advertising genre or executional component that is characterized by a celebrity or other famous figure using their fame or social status to promote a brand or product. See “Celebrity Branding.”


See “Advertising Claim.”

Close-Up (CU)

A technique used in video or still photography ads in which the photograph or camera shot is taken very close to the subject or object, and tightly frames the subject or object.