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The ARF brings you inspiration from Cannes Lions, the greatest gathering of creative ideas through a research lens.
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Keith Weed

Unilever’s Keith Weed On Viewability, Fraud And What Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Sounds Like

With $8.4 billion in annual ad spend, the advertising industry pays attention when Unilever is unhappy. During the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Unilever's chief marketing and communications officer Keith Weed outlined the three concerns that "keep him up at night."

"If you don't have your ad viewed, you are dead,” Weed told a Cannes audience on Wednesday.

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Car, get me coffee

Why is Waze at Cannes at all? Because Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app with over 20 million users.  In effect, Waze is the largest crowd-source data platform in the world, connecting drivers to one another, and helping people create local driving communities that work together to improve the quality of everyone's daily driving.

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Rappin and Hudson

Keeping up with Change While Getting Back to Basics

The ARF’s CMO, Marc Rappin, sits down with The NFL’s CMO, Dawn Hudson.

There is a degree of NFL affinity with the casual fan, but avid fans always want to know more.

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Oracle Data Cloud – a polite conversation about polite conversations

Cory Treffiletti, VP Marketing & Partner Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud | Marc Rappin, CMO, ARF

We started right in with a Mark Hurd (Oracle CEO) quote that the companies that change quickly are innovation start-ups and companies in trouble. Oracle is not either but remains challenged to keep up with, and in fact lead, change.

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Surveys are not Dead

Eric Salama, CEO Kantar Group, talks about his experience as Creative Data Jury President at Cannes and more with ARF CMO Marc Rappin.

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Amphibious leg

Healthcare: Breaking the Rules

JWT gets into medical innovation by helping develop the fin, an amphibious prosthetic leg.

Digital is changing the health world. 1 in 20 searches is health related.  People visit Dr. Google more often than Dr. MD. Yet the healthcare marketing use of digital lags other verticals.  Why? Especially for such a personal and empathetic offering.

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All star panel: drives for gender equality by 2020

Earlier this year, on-stage at The ARF’s Annual Conference, Shelley Zalis of The Girls Lounge, and ANA CEO Bob Liodice, among others, discussed the Gender Equality Measure (GEM).  GEM s an index that scores ads and entertainment programs on how prominently they depict women in gender equal vs. gender stereotypical situation.  GEM was the focus of an all-star panel.  

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A Cannes Insight. Long Live Tedium!

Executives from Korean companies Cheil Worldwide and CJ E&M discussed how a focus on the ordinary can bring extraordinary results. A hit show in Seoul, “Three Meals A Day” is about two city dwellers who leave for a rural life where the only responsibility is to make three meals a day.

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Fresh Thinking

Creative Conversations: Lions Health

Dick Dunford, Looped, Rebecca Rhodes, Virgo Health, Michael Exon CDM London and Louise Benson, Cannes Lions discuss how more and more healthcare companies are behaving and thinking like consumer brands.

The goal: to create more of a holistic relationship with their audiences.

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