ARF Event February 7, 2017 — The Blocked Web

The ARF held an event on Ad Blocking on February 7, 2017 at at our office. Here are some key insights and takeaways from some of the speakers:

  • In the USA, about 18% use blocking (50 million people) – Dr. Johnny Ryan
  • Reasons why individuals use ad blockers: security, because ads obscure the content, to save bandwidth, and privacy. And because they can. – Dr. Johnny Ryan
  • A Page Fair survey found 77% of Ad Blockers “are willing” to view ads (under conditions) But they also feel they have legitimate grievances and want to see efforts to “fix the problems” – Dr. Johnny Ryan
  • Despite the rise in ad blocking, consumers are receptive to certain ads – Pamela Marsh, Ph.D. and Priscilla Aydin
  • Advertisers should listen to consumers’ preferences for certain ad content/formats, and leverage this information to develop creative that resonates with them
    Pamela Marsh, Ph.D. and Priscilla Aydin
  • Publishers have a responsibility to improve the perceived value exchange with consumers
    Pamela Marsh, Ph.D. and Priscilla Aydin
  • “…a recent report from the World Federation of Advertisers that points to bot traffic as the second-largest market for criminal organizations, just behind drug trafficking.” – Christina Flint

You can access the slides and videos from this event, by clicking here and using your myARF login and password.

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