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The Future of the Omnivorous Researcher

Jeffrey Graham, Global Ad Research Director, Twitter 

Jeffrey predicts that the intersection between technology platforms, data and content will create omnivorous researchers who will be able to ask good questions, to answer those questions, and to translate the answers into products that motivate good business decisions. For his leadership and career, Jeffrey build on the values learned from his father.


Saul Berman on Game Changers

Saul J. Berman, VP & Global Chief Strategist, IBM Global Service

Saul discusses Game Changers from mobile being a game changer in the marketplace to “Watson” as a game changer for IBM. From a career perspective, grow from “needing eight dots to draw a line” to just needing four or two and making visionary choices from just one data point.

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Is The Right Message to The Right Person at the Right Time Enough?

Nick Law, Global Chief Creative Officer, R/GA

Innovations Lions Jury President provides fascinating commentary on “creating a leadership table” and skills needed today to get to great creative.


Soon Mobile Will Be Considered Our “First Screen.” Not TV

Kathleen Hall, Corporate VP Global Advertising & Media, Microsoft

In looking at How Advertising Works Today Kathleen explains that really great advertising is about a connection—whether emotional, humorous or intellectual—which can never be achieved using Big Data alone.  This is embedded in her leadership vision, too: Looking beyond just creating commercials to creating relationships.

Are you a Marketer That Knows How to Build Brands In Today’s World?

Tom Buday, Head of Marketing and Consumer Communication, Nestle

Tom discusses the responsibility of research marketers to identify when and where consumers are spending their time—and most importantly—when and where those consumers are receptive to the brand message. And in today’s world, the importance of a global perspective and the agility to react to change quickly.

The role of video cannot be understated

John Osborn, President & CEO, BBDO

John sees a continued explosion and increased relevance for video across all platforms. The visual word is almost more important than the written word.  And, in telling his story, John discusses the role of volunteerism in building and strengthening a team.


The Media Strategy and the Creative Strategy Have to be Re-Integrated

Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus, DDB Worldwide

An industry legend discusses how to inspire the next generation and realigning the media model to fully capitalize on the amazing array of tools which “supposedly” should make the job of connecting with the consumer easier.

Using the Power of Technology to Create Disruption in Media We’re Comfortable With

Sarah Hofstetter, CEO 360i

Sarah discusses conviction and adaptability in both her career and approach. She didn’t aspire to be CEO, but adjusted to powerful mentoring. We learned about how new technology in a marketing campaign used flight cancellation data to alter bids in search, which was really no different than past day radio when the weather forecast adjusted which advertisements ran on air.

Award Winning Chief Strategy Officer on Agencies and Career Advice

Nick Barham – Chief Strategy Officer, TBWA\Worldwide

Nick Barham believes that award-winning creative is not something that can be reduced down to a formula: “At the heart of great work is human understanding, a strong sense of what a brand believes in, and a unique way of bringing that out into the world.”

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