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ARF 2016–2017 Call for Content Topics

These topics were carefully crafted to reflect the most burning issues we face today. Help us make sense of it all and submit your most groundbreaking research.

1. Measure the Audience

In today’s platform landscape, it’s key to understand who and where your audience is. How do you reach actual viewers and know what’s accurate? How do you achieve real-time measurement and optimization?

Idea starters (but not limited to):

  • How are you measuring audiences across all platforms including OTT and VOD?
  • How are you linking consumers across devices?
  • How are you targeting consumers?
  • What are the latest techniques for measuring consumer behavior?

2. Measure the Impact

Marketers now have more media investment choices than ever before and mastering the complexity of cross-platform advertising represents a huge opportunity.  How do you know what’s meaningful to measure vs. what’s nice to know?

Idea starters (but not limited to):

  • How are you measuring the ROI of cross-platform campaigns?
  • What are new measurement methodologies?
  • How are you improving industry practice in the precise measurement of digital media effectiveness?
  • How are you evolving your cross-platform media investment strategy to keep up with today’s consumer?

3. Embrace Disruption

Disruption is the new normal. There are fundamental shifts in major industries worldwide and media is no exception. Voice technology, virtual reality, IoT, bots, embedded advertising and ad avoidance pose both risks and opportunities for companies and consumers.

Idea starters (but not limited to):

  • How are you embracing disruption?
  • How are you navigating new technologies for your audiences?
  • What strategies are you taking to make measurement more accurate?
  • How are you meeting the challenge of ad fraud?
  • What successes could become industry best practices?