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FAQ – Call for Content

1. Is there a limit on the amount of submissions I can enter?

No, there is no limit on the number of submissions you can enter.

2. Is there a limit on the amount of submissions my company can enter?

No, there is no limit on the number of submissions from your company.

3. Is there a fee to enter my research?

At this time, there is no fee associated with entry to the ARF’s Call for Content.

4. I completed the Call for Content form – now what?

Follow this link to go to the Call for Content entry portal. You can also find this link on the home page. *Note that the ARF can only accept entries submitted through the portal. No entries sent via email will be considered.

5. Can I make edits to my submission?

You can only make edits to your submission when you SAVE & CONTINUE LATER. Your submission is not considered final (and will not be reviewed) until you SAVE & SUBMIT. You cannot edit anything once you SAVE & SUBMIT as judges will have access to the paper immediately after you submit to score.

6. Can I include a full paper/presentation?

We can only accept the required Call for Content form on our template. Full research papers or presentations will not be considered.

7. Where can I find the Call for Content form?

You will have the option to download the necessary form when you go to submit. You can also download it here.

8. I have a great idea for an ARF event such as a panel or workshop – can I submit my suggestions for these types of sessions as well?

Yes – we have expanded our Call for Content to not only look for research papers, but suggestions for panels, debates, and workshops. Your proposal should still fall under one of the outlined topics.

9. Will I receive a confirmation email?

When you create a submission within the portal, you will receive a confirmation email.

10. Is the username/password the same as my MyARF account?

No, this login is completely separate from MyARF and is used for the 2017-2018 Call for Content submissions only.

11. I have submitted papers before but my login does not seem to be working.

If you have not submitted specifically to this Call for Content round, you must create a new username and password. Previous Call for Content credentials are no longer active. If you have submitted a paper during this Call for Content round and are still having trouble, go to LOGIN HELP. Here you can reset your password. If you’re still having issues, you can reach out to Sara@thearf.org.

12. How many times can an email be used to create a profile?

Only one email can be used be used to create a profile. You cannot have multiple logins with the same email. (You can, however, submit more than one paper with the same login).

13. I keep getting errors when trying to submit, what could be the problem?

Errors often occur if you are not using a compatible browser. Make sure you are using one of the below:

  • Chrome version 22.x (November 2012 ) or higher
  • Firefox version 16.x (November 2012) or higher
  • Internet Explorer Version 9.x (March 2011) or higher

Errors can also occur if you are logged into multiple browsers. Make sure you are not signed in in multiple windows or tabs.

14. When will I know the status of my submission?

The ARF reviews this content on an ongoing basis. However, if you are specifically interested in presenting at AUDIENCExSCIENCE, you should receive notification by April 2018.

15. How is my submission scored?

The ARF Board of Curators thoroughly reviews your submission and provides an overall score based on the following criteria:

  • Is the content NEW?: Groundbreaking, transformational work never presented before.
  • Is the content ACTIONABLE?: Real business application, not just theoretical.
  • Does the content have IMPACT?: How inspiring, unique, and innovative is this work?
  • Where is the PROOF?: For solution providers – is there a client co-presenter?
  • All submissions must include a Call for Content form on the required template

*Tip: The ARF Call for Content is focused on bringing groundbreaking content (research, insights, data, methodologies, techniques, etc.) to the forefront of the industry. We kindly ask that your proposal not be a sales pitch for a product/service. These entries will not be considered or eliminated in the first round of judging.

16. Is there a maximum number of presenters I can include?

For a typical presentation, one to two presenters are preferred and client presenters are highly encouraged by the Board of Curators. If you’re proposing a panel, workshop, or other alternative session, we suggest no more than four-five presenters.

17. What happens after I get selected?

The ARF will reach out with details including all deadlines and deliverables beginning at the selection process to the date of your final presentation. Stay tuned!

18. When is AUDIENCExSCIENCE and what if I can’t present?

AUDIENCExSCIENCE will take place on June 13-14, 2018 at the Hyatt in Jersey City. Please contact Sara@thearf.org with any changes as soon as possible.

19. Who do I contact if I have any questions?

You can reach out to Sara Serpe at Sara@thearf.org.