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Welcome Day 1
Scott McDonald, Ph.D. – President & CEO, the Advertising Research Foundation

Jed welcomed the audience to Jersey City. He spoke to the spirit of innovation Scott brings to the ARF and how the continued strength of the ARF is possible because of its members.

Scott stated that since its inception, the ARF has been focused on audience measurement, which is still critical in the ecosystem. It is important to both the buyers and sellers. However, we still have a-ways to go. One critical issue is a lack of substantiation and biases. We frequently read in the popular press numbers that we know are not true. Extrapolating from too small samples is also a problem. The job of the ARF is to speak about the basis of those measurements. We are here to address this, and determine how to move forward. Audience fragmentation, multi-tasking and proliferation of platforms are current challenges. Order and consistency is the theme of the conference.