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ARF Brings You Cannes Lions 2015

Moment is the word of the moment

Wenda Harris Millard, President & COO, MediaLink

You need to live a life of curiosity: “Be ever the student,” says Wenda Harris Millard.

According to Wenda, at its very heart, Advertising is about creating desire. But with the advent of technology that has created previously unimaginable and very new scientific degrees of measurement:

“…We are now living in an advertising world that is the art of persuasion, and the science of participation,” said Wenda.

Big Data can be friend and foe, according to Wenda, with the friend being the derivative of the data— valuable consumer insight. On the “foe” end of the scale however, she raised privacy concerns and how far it is appropriate to go with personal data.

Wenda offered her perspective on career growth and the leadership skillsets that will never change: “The need for vision, the need for people to break out of status quo, the need for bold… that hasn’t changed.” Offering up examples of female leaders like Charlotte Beers and Mary Wells Lawrence, Wenda also drew the connection between these skills, creative talents and the ability to be pragmatic. “Technology is an enabler,” she said.

Predictions to come?

  • A continued push in speed and volume
  • Change being embraced as the way we live
  • An adjustment to staffing models and approach to market
  • Advances in critical issues in measurability and accountability

Check out more in the video interview, brought to you by The ARF in Cannes Lions 2015.

After spending twenty years in traditional media, Wenda entered the digital field as EVP of DoubleClick, moving on to Ziff Davis, Yahoo!, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and is now the President and COO of MediaLink, a strategic advisory firm that provides counsel to clients in the media, marketing, technology and entertainment spaces.