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Bill Harvey at ARF 2011

Bill Harvey has led the way in media research with special emphasis on the New Media. Bill invented the Area of Dominant Influence or ADI, an audience-based definition of television markets that Nielsen emulated as the DMA.

Founder of Next Century Media and New Electronic Media Science; first to turn set top data into TV audience data to media research standards; leader of standard setting process in media measurement through ARF, AAAA, ANA; former executive of Arbitron, Interpublic, Grey Advertising, and OpenTV. Inventor of addressable commercials and passive peoplemeter concepts, developed first automated marketing mix modeling system for General Foods. Harvey is one of the co-founders of TRA, the first company to be able to measure the sales effects of regular TV advertising on an ongoing basis. After launching TRA’s massive national sample in mid 2009, the company has created an enormous stir within the media industry and has attracted a blue chip clientele of leaders such as Procter & Gamble, General Mills, CBS, and many others. TRA is one of five companies chosen by the Consortium for Innovation in Media Measurement (CIMM) for development of the future measurement services for the media industry. via ARF http://am6.thearf.org/speakers/15458