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ARF @ CES 2016

Jeremy Lockhorn: It’s Not About Channels, It’s All About Ideas

Jeremy Lockhorn – VP, Emerging Media + Mobile Lead, North America at Razorfish

Context was also central when Jeremy Lockhorn, VP Emerging Media & Mobile from Razorfish shared his prediction for 2016.

Jeremy discussed growth in the importance of context.  For example your mobile device knows your habits and interests. It knows where you are. It knows what time of day it is. And applications like Google Now can see you have an airline flight departure on your Google Calendar.  Google Maps can know the traffic from where you are to the airport and can ping you an alert to leave in the next 10 minutes. A proactive push from your phone.

Android Marshmallow and OS 9 will have built in features that will significantly raise consumer expectations on “their device’s ability to provide them contextually relevant information” not just on demand but preemptively.