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ARF @ CES 2015

The ARF CEO at CES 1:1 with Steven Wolfe Pereira and David Poltrack

The “new ARF” is a Network, as such, we are going to network the world’s most interesting leaders attending here at the consumer Electronics Show … with you, right to your desktop.

This blog will share highlights from our 1:1 interviews with Gayle Fuguitt, The ARF CEO and desktop from all of our Member constituencies – Advertisers, Agencies, Media and Media Tech firms and Solutions providers.

This morning’s blog combines Insights from our discussions with Steven Wolfe Pereira, CMO of Datalogix.


and David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation and President of CBS VISION.


Along with BK Yoon, CEO of Samsung showing us “The Internet of Things”. Also, a peek at some of the product announcements and sessions made on Press Day courtesy of C|Net.

We started today with Steven Wolfe Pereira reminding us to remember why we advertise in the first place . . . It’s the consumer first. Helping consumers understand how our Brands/products can help make their lives better, richer or more entertaining. In fact it’s called the CONSUMER Electronics Show. David Poltrack reminded us the importance of comprehensive measurement. The importance of Brand Equity and context, not just the things we can count.

That’s a lead in to one of the big announcements. No not a new wearable Thingamajig. It’s the new Kodak IM5 Android smartphone, built by Chinese manufacturer Bullitt, designed for baby boomers, seniors and anyone else who wants a simplified smartphone. If Kodak sounds like an out of date oxymoron brand to smartphone technology . . . that’s the point. How many times have your children needed to explain to their Grandparents how to use their phone. Some cool features for this target:

  • dead-simple home screen launcher
  • a magnifier button
  • built-in remote access, so that someone else (aforementioned grandchild) can access the phone from a computer to set it up or troubleshoot it.

Back to Steven, who defined for us the importance of shifting from media planning to “audience planning”. Brands leveraging where consumer are, where they are connecting and the new ways for us to be there

Importantly, BK Yoon defined for us what the Internet of Things is all about. Ordinary things in our lives connected in extraordinary ways. Technology advances coming together in unique ways.

Imagine you bedside alarm clock going off. No buzz-buzz, no morning DJ jabber. No, your alarm is wirelessly connected to your music and your favorite playlist kicks in, having auto advanced to the next song from the one you woke up to yesterday. Turning off your alarm sends a signal to the TV and it pops up the weather.com report and at the same time remotely starts the shower so the hot water is warmed up by the time you get there and shutting the shower signals the coffeemaker to begin to brew. The ordinary items doing the extraordinary.

We also shared conversations on leadership and organization in the world where the CMO is morphing into the Chief Marketing Technology Officer. The importance of advertiser organizations getting flatter and that Research Leadership is more critical than ever. That our role is bringing the consumer into the C-Suite decisions. Because we all know the C-Suite #1 is not a group reflective of a “general audience” and without us the decision priority might become the business not the consumer.

Our CES Day 1 ended with a reinforcement of how exciting our industry is for women today at the IPSOS Girls’ Lounge.