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ARF Annual Conference
Winning Entries

Congratulations to the 30 entries to be featured at The ARF Annual Conference. These entries were submitted during The ARF Call for Content and were selected to present after a two-round review process to by the Board of Curators.

Join us March 20-21 to see their groundbreaking work!

A Collaboration to Creative
Timothy O’Brien – VP, Consulting, Forethought
Ken Roberts – President, Forethought
Elizabeth Windram – Director, Brand & Advertising, JetBlue

A Journey in Copy Testing
Roberto Cymrot – Group Director, Knowledge & Insights, The Coca-Cola Company
Laura Derrick – VP, Kantar Millward Brown

Beyond Completion Rates – How Social Video Works
Jonathan Jusczyk – Associate Director, Research Operations, MAGNA/IPG Media Lab
Katherine Karp – Global Agency Researcher, Twitter

Branded Social Media Content and Consumer Engagement
Jeffrey Inman, Ph.D. – Associate Dean, Research, Katz Graduate School of Business, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Earl Taylor – CMO, Marketing Science Institute

Connecting Media for Action
Ani Ieroncig – Director, Marketing Research, Marketing & Commercial Products, Canada Post
Elissa Moses – CEO, Neuro & Behavioral Sciences, Ipsos

Digital Owned Media Effects and its Synergy with Paid Media
Martin Block, Ph.D. – Professor, Northwestern University
Rob Jayson – Global Lead, Publicis Media

DriVRs of Emotion: Understanding Non-Conscious Responses in New Media Environments
Brendan Murray, Ph.D. – Director, Client Services & Neuroscience, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience
Devin Fallon – Director, Media Insights & Analytics, YuMe

Elevating Digital Advertising
Josh Billig – Consumer Advertising Research, Microsoft
Jon Brand – SVP, Brand & Consumer Experiences, GfK

Exploiting VR for Better ROI
Kate Hartzell – SVP, Basis Research
Rune Mortensen – Managing Director, Basis Research

Frito-Lay’s Path to Purchase
Shawn Baron – Global Measurement Lead, Facebook, Inc.
Atin Kulkarni – Senior Director, Portfolio Strategy & Analytics, Frito-Lay, Inc.

How’s Your Judgement?
Nicole Hartnett – Senior Research Associate, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute
Rachel Kennedy – Associate Professor, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Learnings on Advertising Effectiveness – Creative Top Tips
Laura Mahoney – Global Media Insights, Unilever

Mobile Ads: Intrusive or Effective?
AJ Mathew – VP, Research, Kargo
Duane Varan, Ph.D. – CEO, MediaScience

Multiscreen Ready: Neuro Optimization for Cross-Platform
Pranav Yadav – CEO, Neuro-Insight US Inc.

New Audience Data: Monetizing In-App Behavioral Signals for Targeting
Gilad Barash – Senior Data Scientist, dstillery

Predict Ad Sales Lift Using Emotion Measurement with 75% Accuracy
Mihkel Jäätma – CEO, Realeyes

Site Design and Context Impact Your Video’s Ability to Break Through
Pamela Marsh, Ph.D. – Director, Primary Research, Annalect Group
Katy Mitchell – Advertiser Experiment Advocate, Google, Inc.
Duane Varan, Ph.D. – CEO, MediaScience

The Cross-Platform Puzzle: Solve for Offline Impact with TV & Facebook
Leslie Wood, Ph.D. – CRO, Nielsen Catalina Solutions
Brad Smallwood – Head, Measurements & Insights, Facebook, Inc.
Joseph Davin – Quantitative Researcher, Marketing Science R&D, Facebook, Inc.

The Halo Effect: How Ads on Premium Publishers Drive Effectiveness
Anne Hunter – SVP, Advertising, comScore, Inc.
Jason Kint – CEO, Digital Content Next

The Mind of the Viewer
Carl Marci, M.D. – Chief Neuroscientist, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience
Naomi Nuta – VP, Client Services, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience
Beth Rockwood – VP, Portfolio Research, Turner Broadcasting, Inc.
Richard Zackon – Facilitator, Council for Research Excellence

The Misconception of Millennial Individualism
Ron Park – VP, Audience Insight & Strategy, Merkle, Inc.
Jennifer Perry – Associate Director, Audience Insight & Strategy, Merkle, Inc.

This is Not Your Father’s Advertorial
Kunal Gupta – Founder & CEO, Polar
Sherrill Mane – Head, MAd Tech Strategy, Ipsos Connect, US

Time to Change! From Tracking to Brand Guidance Systems
Jodi Harris – VP, Consumer Strategy & Insights, Anheuser Busch InBev
David Hluska – SVP, Kantar Millward Brown
William Pink – Managing Partner, Kantar Millward Brown

TV Ads and Search Spikes
Kenneth Wilbur – Associate Professor, Rady School of Management, UCSD

TV’s Late Bloomer: Video-on-Demand & Its Advertising Impact
Maria DeLuca – SVP Consumer Marketing, Bravo Media, NBCUniversal
Dave Kaplan – SVP, Research, Bravo, & Oxygen Media, NBCUniversal
Chris Pizzurro – Head, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Canoe Ventures

Unlocking Great Creative in China
Rachel Kennedy – Associate Professor, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute
Laurent Larguinat – Director, Mars Consumer & Market Insights, Mars
Magda Nenycz, Ph.D. – Senior Research Associate, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute
Duane Varan, Ph.D. – CEO, MediaScience
nenycz varan

What’s So Emotional About Emotional Ads?
David Brandt – EVP, Ad Effectiveness Strategy, Nielsen
Lingham Wang – Senior Analyst, Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Where ROI Rules – Content is King
David Poltrack – CRO, CBS Corporation; President, CBS VISION
Leslie Wood, Ph.D. – CRO, Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Who Blocks Ads, Why and How to Win Them Back
Samar Das, Ph.D. – CEO, C3Research
Kristina Sruoginis – Research Director, IAB

Why People Use and Engage with Digital Content Globally
Erica Carranza, Ph.D. – VP, Consumer Psychology, Chadwick Martin, Bailey
Vicki Draper – Director, Consumer Analytics & Research, AOL, Inc.
Niels Schillewaert, Ph.D. – Co-Founder & Managing Partner, InSites Consulting