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ARF at Advertising Week 2015

ARF at Advertising Week 2015

Monday / Wednesday Programming

Monday, September 28 | 9:30–10:20am

AOL Stage

How Advertising Works – Building Brands in the Brain

Moderator: Gayle Fuguitt – CEO & President, The ARF
Patty Goldman – VP, Research Director, The Advertising Council
Manvir Kalsi – Senior Manager, Innovation Process & Research, Samsung
David Kohl – CEO, Morgan Digital Ventures LL
Dr. Carl Marci – Chief Neuroscientist, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience
Dr. Horst Stipp – EVP Research & Innovation, Global & Ad Effectiveness, The ARF
Pranav Yadav – CEO, Neuro-Insight US Inc.

Monday, September 28 | 4:45–6:00pm

Nasdaq Marketsite

The Great Debate: Game of Media Thrones – Who will wear the crown?

Moderator: Steven Wolfe-Pereira – VP, Brand Strategy & Marketing Solutions, Oracle
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO & President, The ARF
Margo Georgiadis, President, Americas Operations, Google
Dave Morgan – CEO, Simulmedia
David Poltrack – CRO, CBS Corporation, President, CBS VISION
Howard Shimmel – CRO, Turner Broadcasting
Brad Smallwood – Head of Measurements & Insights, Facebook
Radha Subramanyam – President of Insights, Research and Data Analytics, iHeartMedia

Wednesday, September 30 | 11:00–11:45am

ADARA Stage at Times Center Hall

The C-Suite Mobilizes

Moderator: Artie Bulgrin – SVP, Global Research & Analytics, ESPN
Andrew Appel – President and CEO, IRI
Margo Georgiadis – President, Americas Operations, Google
Steve Hasker, Global President, Nielsen
Lori Hiltz – CEO, Havas Media, North America
Pierre Le Manh – Ipsos Deputy CEO, CEO of Ipsos North America, CEO of Ipsos Marketing
Bill Livek – Vice Chairman & CEO, Rentrak
Serge Matta – President and CEO, comScore
Brian Wong – CEO/Founder, Kiip

Wednesday, September 30 | 12:30–1:15pm

ADARA Stage at Times Center Hall

Mobilizing Data

Moderator: Joshua Reynolds – Head of Marketing, Quantifind
Andy Fisher – Chief Analytics Officer, Merkle
Adam Guy – VP of Market Development, Neustar
Andy Hibbler – VP, Brand Partnerships and Advertising, Whitepages
Dave Smith – VP, Monetization and Yeld, Pandora

Wednesday, September 30 | 4:30–6:30pm

ADARA Stage at Times Center Hall

Data Congress

Beau Avril, Global Head of Commercialization, YouTube
Tisha Binder – Digital CEO, Mead Johnson
Marc de Swaan Arons – CMO & Executive Board member, Millward Brown Vermeer
Claire Dunnet – Director, Publisher Development, Yahoo!
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO & President, The ARF  
George Pace – CEO, Andrews Aldridge
Bertrand Quesada – CEO, Treads
Brad Smallwood – Head of Measurements & Insights, Facebook
Tania Yuki – Founder and CEO, Shareablee

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