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Innovation is not just about ideas. It's making ideas happen.


The ARF is proud to announce the first Innovators A-List

Innovation is listed as a key performance objective by 78% of marketing and media executives, yet only 18% have a specific budget for innovation, and only 3% see financial allocation as a priority. Businesses are turning to outside tech and startups in attempts to resolve their innovation issues, but struggle with how to select the best, most qualified tech companies.

The Innovators A-List will be unveiled at the debut Workshop in New York City, the first in a series of programs across the country.

Workshops will feature speakers from Oracle Data Cloud, Unilever, Twitter, Nielsen Ventures, Evol8tion, and Foursquare. Session will offer new products, new ways to work, to help companies cultivate a startups mindset to the ways they solve problems.

Dates for The ARF Innovators A-List Workshops:
March 21, NYC New York Hilton Midtown Hotel, 12:30pm-3:30pm
April 6, Chicago, FCB Chicago
May 3, San Francisco, The Presidio

Ticket prices are $99 for ARF Members | $149 for Non-Members.

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Admission to the New York event on March 21 is free for ARF Annual Conference Attendees.

The A-List is about

78% of marketing and media executives listed innovation as a key performance objective.

Here’s what ARF members have to say.

Daniel Slotwiner, Ads Research Director, Facebook

We think the A-List program could be a huge benefit to us. The volume of new startups is growing and growing and so sifting through that is always going to be problematic. We think the ARF can play a great role here.

Cory Treffiletti, CMO, Oracle Data Cloud

The biggest value coming from the ARF is that the membership is already so strong, that there’s a pre-qualification – a strength and a weight that comes from that group – telling me that these are the A-List companies we should be considering.

Brian Ley, Founder and CEO, Alpharank

Startup conference, competitions and events have grown dramatically, but they are all one-offs. The A-List is different. The A-List is about making repeated and lasting connections between ARF members seeking innovation with high-quality startups that can deliver.

Mary Ann Packo, CEO, Millward Brown

If we could have The ARF screen and identify fantastic new ideas and give us a point of view, that would be a huge asset.

Anne Bologna, Chief Strategy Officer, iCrossing

All marketing has to be innovative because there are no roadmaps anymore. The industry has been completely disrupted so you’ve got to stay on top of things.

Jonathan Lorenzini, Innovation Lead, Google

Startups are really pushing the envelope when it comes to what is the next thing in advertising and we want to make sure we’re keeping our ear to the ground. The ARF is a really great objective party to validate the claims being made. That level of unbiased opinion is really important because every startup will come to us and say they are the best at something.

Robbie Thatcher, Director of Strategic Insights, United Healthcare

Innovation is one of our core cultural values and it’s something our senior leadership talks about every single day.

Jenny Santora, Consumer Insights Senior Manager, Sun Products

There are a lot of emails from companies that end up in this clutter box and it’s really hard to decipher which ones you might want to even take the time to look at.

Howard Shimmel, Chief Research officer, Turner Broadcasting

I get dozens of emails a week from companies I’ve never heard about, who want to meet with me next week because they say it’s really important. Figuring out who are the best players in the space is critical to our business.

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