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Apple IDFA & Google FLoC: How Tracking Changes Will Impact You (Event Summary)


Earlier this year, Google announced they plan to stop individual ad tracking. Apple is also altering the landscape of the advertising ecosystem with its iOS 14 IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) update. Ad targeting, personalization, measurement and fraud detection are predicted to be negatively impacted and the implications — and potential revenue loss — for brands, ad networks, publishers are huge.

At this Insights Studio: Member Broadcast, OptiMine, Havas Media and CIMM discussed exactly how Google and Apple’s changes will impact you and why they matter, how brands should think about future-proofing their advertising measurement in an environment of increased data privacy and strategies for future success.


Matt Voda — CEO, OptiMine
Sargi Mann  — EVP, Digital Strategy, Havas Media
Moderator: Jane Clarke  — CEO, Managing Director, CIMM

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How Do Consumer Insights Influence the Creative Process?


We know that human truths drive advertising creativity. The assumption is that you provide consumer insight to a creative professional, and they work their magic, choosing freely among appeal types. What’s not clear is what role the insight plays in the making of that magic. Here’s a preliminary roadmap for finding the emotional pulse of the creative process.

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How Payment Mode Affects Consumer Behavior

  • Marketing Science Institute

As part of MSI’s Expert Curation series, Priya Raghubir, Professor of Marketing, New York University, and an MSI academic fellow, discusses a series of studies that focus on how modes of payment affect consumer purchase behavior. Concerns over Covid-19 and the need to social distance have accelerated the use of cashless and touchless forms of payment. This paper outlines the latest research on associations between these and other payment options and consumer spending habits, such as spending likelihood, spending amount, spending patterns, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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Best Practices in Media and Market Research Studies

  • Dr. Horst Stipp, EVP, Research & Innovation, the ARF

Surveys are a necessary tool for exploring consumer behavior, attitudes and intentions. They provide valuable data to help make informed business decisions. However, quality matters and ignoring best practices impacts the validity and reliability of findings, which might make the data unusable.

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