Attitudes Towards Privacy (Event Summary)


This Town Hall presented work by W2O related to privacy and COVID-19 contact tracing apps, as well as findings from an April 2020 privacy survey conducted by the ARF that included several questions about COVID-19 and its impact on how people feel about privacy, geo-location and trust.

This session featured presentations by Dan Linton, Global Data Privacy Officer of W2O, and Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer of the ARF.
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What Will Replace the Third-Party Cookie?

  • Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer

Several forces have culminated in the end of the third-party cookie. If DMPs and attribution as we know them go away, what will replace them?
ARF CRO Paul Donato, drawing on a number of original ARF research initiatives, issues this report covering privacy’s impact and many other factors driving the end of third-party cookies.

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How Will Media Use Evolve After the Crisis? (Event Summary)


At this virtual event researchers presented data and discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected media use and if these data reveal which of the changes are likely to be permanent. There was agreement that increases in TV use during the initial “stay-home” weeks were temporary. However, the trend towards more streaming appears to continue, watching first-run movies at home will increase and at least some of the increase in online shopping during the pandemic will remain. Editor’s Note: The full summary is available to members only.

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How Are Brands Responding to Social Unrest?


Traditionally, brands did not respond on political or social issues. But today, after the tragic death of George Floyd revealed the social and racial injustices that exist in societies around the world, consumers are looking to brands for leadership. This is particularly true of Millennials and Gen Z. The ARF’s Knowledge Center has recently done an extensive review of all relevant research and sources concerning best practice in times of social unrest. This report reveals how to formulate a plan of action that will reap positive results, yet stay true to a brand’s historical soul.

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Appeal Predicts Gay Inclusive-Ad Outcomes

  • Bradley J. Bond and Justine Rapp Farrell (both at University of San Diego)

When gay couples are featured in an ad, advertising appeal can be more important than sexual orientation in predicting consumer behavior—specifically with intentions to purchase and recommend a brand or product—according to research at the University of San Diego.

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How Political Ideology Drives Response to LGBTQ Imagery

  • Gavin Northey (Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus), et.al.

We know from prior research that different consumers give  different emotional responses to ads that show images of gay men and women. New research shows evidence that political ideology is a key determinant, suggesting that marketers consider geopolitical segmentation and targeting to reduce potential negative outcomes to sales.

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