How Early Social-Media Release Helps Super Bowl Ads

  • Jennifer Lee Burton (University of Tampa), Kristen M. Mueller (Accent Your Style Boutique), Jan Gollins (Delta Modeling Group), and Danielle M. Walls (BDJ Solutions)

Advertisers often debate whether to air their Super Bowl ads early on social media. This study’s moment-by-moment analysis of consumers’ emotions while they viewed the ads—and their related social-media behavior—shows that the benefits extend not just in-game but afterward, with more favorable attitudes and purchase intentions.

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“Buzz” Metrics Reveal Clues about Advertising Success

  • Brad Fay, Ed Keller, Rick Larkin (Engagement Labs)

Marketers should use conversation metrics, in addition to effectiveness measures, to determine whether their advertising campaigns will drive purchases. “Buzz”—upticks in both online and offline conversations about brands—contributes about equally to sales and other business outcomes, word-of-mouth experts reported.

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What Will Adtech Look Like in a Post-Cookie World?

Google recently announced it’s Chrome browser will cease using third-party cookies by 2022. This has sent shockwaves throughout the industry, as 66% of all browser use comes through Chrome. That announcement, along with a number of privacy regulations coming in—including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are predicted to alter the digital marketing landscape. Read more.

The ARF’s 2020 Research Agenda


In order to offer members the insights they need to keep ahead of the curve, the ARF conducts original research that tackles the industry’s most pressing questions. Last year, the foundation changed its research project development process, creating a 401K approach in order to democratize it. Member organizations were able to vote with their dollars on what topic areas research funding should be allocated to.

Novel Approach Improves Marketing Survey Data Accuracy


How can advertisers, media companies and market researchers acquire highly accurate consumer survey data, in order to make informed business decisions, without depleting their budget? Sure, everyone would like to utilize probability sampling, but the cost is out of reach for most. However, non-probability, opt-in, online samples are nowhere near as accurate.

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