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Word-of-Mouth Most Effective in Driving TV Show Views

Offline word-of-mouth tops social media, digital contact, and promotions in increasing the likelihood someone will view a show, according to CRE’s Talking Social TV 2. The findings, highlighted in AdAge, indicate that “offline communications and Facebook had more influence on likelihood to watch something when participants were not watching TV. But, as many multi-screen addicts know, Twitter and text messaging had a bigger impact while study respondents were watching TV.”



“The report also looks at the potential effect of such communications on various types of network and cable programs. For example, it predicted shows including CBS’s ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and NBC’s ‘The Voice’ each would benefit from reach campaigns in terms of producing higher ratings, more so than frequency and mixed campaigns.”



Read the full article. More information is available from the CRE.

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