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Why Consumers Use Ad Blockers and What Motivates Them Not To – via MediaPost (source: OMG)

Omnicom Media Group (OMG) report finds that publishers and advertisers can take steps to curtail the growing usage of ad blockers.

The survey found that many ad-blocking users don’t dislike all advertising. But the report showed that consumers are motivated to avoid ads that interrupt their browsing experience. Nearly half (45%) install ad blockers to avoid dealing with pop-up ads, 40% do not want to be “bombarded” with ads, and 30% want to block pre-roll ads that prevent access to content.

Consumers would disable their ad blockers if the website promised non-intrusive ads (35%), if ad blockers prevented access to content (19%) and in order to access content on sites with ads (13%).

“Ad blocking as a phenomenon is likely here to stay in some fashion, but there are ways to reduce consumers’ motivations for using ad blockers, and therefore minimize its impact,” says Pamela Marsh, director, primary research and insights, OMG.

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